1 Why the milk volume exceeds the set value?

The set volume is for the water only and the milk with powder in it will exceed the set volume. It is the same situation when you operate manually. You can take down the powder container and press “make” key to test the water volume with a kitchen scale.

2 What’s the volume deviation?

The volume deviation of CHOLMA formula maker is less than ±5ml.

3 Can I test the precision of volume with my bottles?

Absolutely NO! An electric kitchen scale is suggested seriously to test your formula maker. The printing quality of graduation on your bottles will influence the precision of volume significantly. By the way, you can test your bottles with the kitchen scale too.

4 What can I do when the volume deviation more than ±5ml?

You can calibrate your CHOLMA with a kitchen scale at home according to calibration video. But all machines have been tested one by one in our factory and few machines need this operation.

5 The method of setting the concentration is a little complex for me and is there a suggestion list for every formula?

We found the expression C = A / B for you to find your proper concentration setting in our list. This is the most effective and scientific method for users to set their formulae. We can find many so-called suggestion lists for other brand formula maker but we can also find many exclaims about their suggested lists. We think your operation under our method is worthy operating for you babies.

6 Can I shut down my CHOLMA when finishing every bottle in daily use?

NO! CHOLMA should be always used for months consecutively. Shutting down the machine too frequently will affect the life of the machine. You just need to shut down CHOLMA when you want to clean the body of the machine or when you want to move it to other place.

7 What is CHOLMA’s power when it is in standby mode?

Less than 2W. CHOLMA’s electricity consumption is 1/20 of your refrigerator so it’s very power-saving. You can cover the display with something if you feel the display too bright.

8 Why the warm water key blinks when the machine is switched on every time?

Yes, the warm water key always blinks when you switch it on every time. At this time you can just press warm water key and any other keys are valid. The inner pipes inside the machine should be fulfilled otherwise the precision of the volume will be affected seriously.

9 I find the power of CHOLMA is 2200W. Can my house afford CHOLMA?

Yes CHOLMA’s power is 2200 but 2200W is only the MAX power. CHOLMA’s heater is controlled by the program in PCB. Only part of the power is invoked for every bottle. On the whole the apparent power of CHOLMA is only about 1/3 of a coffee machine because the temperature for milk is much lower than coffee.

10 Should I wash the mixer for every bottle?

NO! You just need to wash the mixer once for every 5 bottles.

11 Does the powder easily become damp?

NO. CHOLMA has served 2000 thousand infants during the past years. The quantity of the formula in powder container is just enough for at most 3 days. We can just tell you the fact and we hope to eliminate your worry about this point.

12 Should I wash the powder container of CHOLMA every day?

NO! You can fulfill the powder container with formula every time. You just need to dismantle and wash all components of the container when the formula is exhausted. Ordinarily you need to dismantle and wash all components of the container for every 2-3 days.

13 Should I clean the outlet of the powder container for every 5 bottles?

Yes! This is very important for you and CHOLMA. The oval powder tube should also be changed for a new one for every 5 bottles.

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