Cholma Formula Maker

How to choose the right concentration level for your formula

  • Every formula brand recommends a different amount of powder per ounce. Every formula should have its own concentration setting in this machine. You need to select the proper and exclusive concentration setting (1-11) for your formula according to the following steps: You need fulfill the powder container with your formula and prepare a kitchen scale ahead. The concentration setting is very important for your baby and such work is worthy doing for you as following procedure absolutely.
1. Find or convert the weight of formula required per 1 fl OZ or 30ml water on your formula can. We call this weight value in grams per OZ/30ml as A.
2. Set the machine with 4OZ/104℉/CON3 then remove the mixer.
or 120ML /40℃/CON3.
3. Use a paper cup to press up against the milk powder outlet. Press and hold the make key for 3 seconds and then release after hearing the “beep” sound, the machine will output the milk powder only. You can weigh the net amount of powder in the paper cup with a kitchen scale. We call the powder net weight in grams here as B.
4. Divide A in step 1 by B in step 3 and we call the result C.
C= A / B
5. Find the concentration setting for your formula according C in the following list. Input the concentration setting searched here into CON on the display of your machine.
Here “A = 4.86g/OZ” and “B = 13.5g” are only for examples and you can’t use the values of A and B directly here. You must find your own A and B for your formula according to the above steps.

Note:If the C value calculated from the above steps is above or below the range of the chart, the formula is not compatible with this product.